Mount Hermon School was founded in 1895 under the Principal ship of Miss Emma L.Knowles.
Mount Hermon School was founded in 1895 under the Principal ship of Miss Emma L.Knowles. Originally a girls school with a small department for junior boys, it was situated in the town of Darjeeling. In 1926, the school was moved to North Point where the present main building was erected in the Mount Hermon Estate. In its new surroundings the school grew, and the need was felt to enlarge its scope in to a compiled co-educational school with a separate hostel area being provided for all.
The school buildings stand on a beautiful 70 acre fire clad spur of the Himalayan foothills, 6,200 feet above sea-level and 4km north of Darjeeling. Students from a wide range of ethnic, social and national backgrounds seek to study at Mount Hermon School and more than 25 languages are represented in the student body.
The main building has a three-storey structure of native grey stone and reinforced concrete, with a northern of facade of 61 metres gazing directly across the valley at massive Kanchenjunga, and the eternal snows. Extending to the south are two wings; that on the west being the Chapel and the Assembly Hall wing, while the east wing provides class-rooms dormitories and staff accommodation. All the girls, and little boys are housed in the dormitories in the main building which also contain Infant Department and Junior School classrooms, Music room and practice rooms for pianoforte, staff and students’ dining rooms, Lounge, Library, Craft room and the Administrative offices. Senior boys resides in ‘Fernhill’ and Middle School in the new ‘Round Hostel’, opened in 1977 while the junior boys are accommodated in the ‘Stewart Building’ built in 1963 ,all with resident wardens and/or matrons in charge. The school can provide accommodation for 450 boarders and is equipped with a good filtered water-supply, sewage and various electrical installations. The Stewart Building, as well as providing two floors of hostel accommodation contains on the ground floor six classrooms for the senior school; on the first floor are very well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography , with class –rooms on the third floor. With the erection of this building, named in honour of Rev.D.G. Stewart, Principal from 1954,whose energy and enthusiasm largely inspired its completion, Mount Hermon became a multi-purpose school, offering classes in Science, Humanities and Commerce.
By a broad and varied curriculum, by physical training and sporting activities, by providing opportunities for leadership, by emphasis on courtesy and co-operation in all branches of school life , by the fostering of the community spirit,by systematic moral and religious instruction, by the encouragement of worthy leisure activities, by setting the highest ideals and seeking to set with those ideals a worthy example, the school seeks to prepare a student not merely to pass examinations or enter a profession, but also to go out into the world equipped in body ,mind and spirit to lead a full and useful life, satisfying to oneself and of true value to the community and country, to man and to God.